The Future of Cybersecurity: Emerging Trends and Technologies

Today’s cyber environment is changing rapidly so the cybersecurity personnel are overloaded with a variety and quantity of threats. The main challenges can be addressed through automation according to Essential InfoSec, one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the field.

The Need for Automation:

  • Security analysts are sometimes left with too many tasks to focus on such as threat identification and management, incidents and anomalies, and even compliance and reporting.
  • This will reduce the amount of time spent on non-value added tasks hence reducing the number of resources needed for these tasks hence gaining human resource personnel to be deployed in more critical and strategic areas within security.

Threat Detection and Response:

  • Threat intelligence platforms can also be used as a service to enable companies to automate the detection and response of potential threats in networks, systems, and applications.
  • Given the use of the ML and advanced analytics, these solutions can efficiently detect potential suspicious activities and timely report them, minimizing the chances of successful cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Management:

  • Application security is important due to the need to discover vulnerabilities and remediate them.
  • There are different solutions that can facilitate the vulnerability management process, starting from the scanning and prioritizing of all discovered vulnerabilities up to deploying the necessary patches and updates throughout the entire infrastructure.

Compliance and Reporting: 

  • Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance and also creating extensive security accounts for a number of organizations is not a simple task particularly in wide and distributed environments.
  • There are several technologies that help to automate these processes and standardize reporting for compliance, which helps to reduce errors and ensure that the right reports are produced on time.

Security Orchestration and Automation:

  • SOAR technology products are SOAR platforms which aim to control the different security tools and processes with a purpose of synchronization and automation to manage security incidents.
  • Such solutions can significantly reduce the time required to resolve incidents, help prevent human factors from interfering with the operation of the system, and the occurrence of mistakes.

Implementing cybersecurity automation successfully can help organizations move from a tactical to a strategic approach to security, increase operational efficiency, and keep up with the dynamic and complex threat environment. At Essential InfoSec, we understand the challenges facing automation in today’s security operations and provide clients with the best incident response services and resources to achieve their organizational cybersecurity objectives.

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