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VoIP Penetration Testing

VoIP Pen Testing determines the risks of attacks to these telecommunications based systems which are customarily employed in Enterprises.

In any environment around the world communication is the key. Previously whole world uses telephone networks as the mode of communication but with the advent of VoIP (Voice over IP) the mode of communication around the world has been changed.
Because of the cost effectiveness of VoIP the organizations are the first one to switch towards it. Now small businesses and household users also switched to VoIP Networks because of its cost effectiveness and good quality,
A major security threat has been created for the growing number of VoIP users around the world day by day. Any organization big or small is using VoIP as the mode of communication.
Multifaceted technology and modern day requirements increase the chance of complex assaults like call- tracking, call data manipulation, wire-tapping phone calls or even unauthorized recording of calls. Threats are posed to internal networks through VLAN because of data interchange between the client and the VoIP server.
VoIP Pen Testing determines the risks of attacks to these telecommunications based systems which are customarily employed in Enterprises.


  • Recreate Customer VoIP Implementations
  • Comprehend VoIP Configurations and Network Designs
  • Physical Voice Port Access Checks
  • Traffic Capture and Eavesdropping
  • Caller ID Spoofing
  • Identify Denial of Service (DoS) Vulnerabilities

VoIP Penetration Testing Methodology


Why use our VoIP Penetration Testing?

  • Essential InfoSec determines the risk of a VoIP attack. Although VoIP technology corresponds to current business needs, it may introduce additional risks such as call tracking, call data manipulation, listening or unauthorised wiretapping of phone calls.
  • Essential Infosec’s testing includes assessing the VoIP infrastructure and determining the risks of a classic internal network infrastructure attack.
  • We evaluate the different VoIP components from a security perspective and their capability to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the environment and related traffic.
  • Essential InfoSec testing generally includes investigating the authentication mechanisms, as well as the potential interception, interruption or manipulation of the exchanged information between the client and VoIP server.

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