Summarising week: Staying Safe in the Digital World

Technologies have connected us like never before. But with all the benefits, increased connectivity also opens new doors for cyber criminals. That’s why we dedicated this week to discussing various aspects of cyber security

We started by going over cyber security basics for everyday internet users and businesses. Things like enabling two-factor authentication, recognizing phishing attempts, keeping devices and software updated and maintaining backups. Just some simple best practices go a long way.  

We also examined the latest developments around AI-enabled threat detection, cyber security mesh architecture and zero trust access models that will transform future defence tactics.

Some revealing statistics truly capture the prevalence of cyber menaces today. Over 90% of breaches result from phishing and ransomware damages alone are projected to hit $20 billion this year. 

Next, we talked about how to spread authentic cyber security awareness within organisations and teams. Getting creative with simulations, gamification and impactful storytelling helps drive the message home.

While staying vigilant and educated may feel overwhelming at times in our increasingly digital world, a little awareness and proactivity provide substantial peace of mind. Remember to employ cyber security best practices whenever possible in both your professional and personal online activities

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