Put Your Cyber Security to the Test!

Think you know enough about staying secure online? Test yourself with this fun cyber security quiz! Learn the truth about common myths while picking up useful safety tips.

Myth: Using public WiFi hotspots to access private info is fine.  

Truth: Public WiFi is risky for banking and shopping. Hackers can sneak a peek at your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive stuff. Best to avoid it altogether.

Myth: One super complex password I reuse everywhere is okay.

Truth: If hackers steal that one password, they have the keys to take over your online life! Use extra-long, random passwords that are different for each important account.   

Myth: iPhones and Macs don’t need extra virus protection.  

Truth: Apple devices get targeted less by cybercriminals, but you could still fall for scams, phishing links and other threats. Protect all your devices just to be safe!

Myth: Big companies don’t really care if my personal info gets hacked.  

Truth: Data breaches cost companies tons in fines, lawsuits, and bad publicity. Most take big steps to guard customer privacy. But users still need to use strong security habits online.  

Myth: Getting links from friends is risk-free.

Truth: Even accounts of those closest to you can be hacked to send personalised scam links out to their network. Check carefully before clicking anything suspicious.  

We hope this busted some common cyber myths for you! When online, always create one-of-a-kind complex passwords, encrypt private data, watch for phishing, install firewall and malware protection programs. Staying alert takes work but saves you tons of headaches!  

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