Introduction to Cyber Security Basics

Cyber security is a process used in protecting computers and other devices from any kind of unlawful use or attacks and data from being stolen or corrupted. The basic concepts of cyber security are more important given the fact that technological advancement is conforming to our daily lifestyles.

Here are some key concepts to get started:

1. Passwords and Authentication

  •  As for passwords, it is crucial to combine at least eight characters without any specific rules, and do not use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Always choose an option that incorporates two-factor or multi-factor verification when given a chance
  • Passwords should not be shared or written down and a solution is that people should not share passwords.

2. Software Updates

  • Use patched versions of all software which are installed on the operating systems, including applications, browsers and other programs.
  • Automatic updates should be automatically enabled each time this is made available.

3. Malware Protection

  • Use anti-virus programs and ensure they are always updated and try using anti-malware as well.
  • Always consider why an email has been sent and do not open any attachments especially from unknown sources or download files just downloaded from the internet.

4. Network Security

  • This is because the firewall efficiently prevents unauthorized access to the networks in your organization.
  • It is important to exercise some measure of caution when connecting to Wi-Fi networks especially those provided in public areas since they may be hacked.

5. Data Backup and Recovery

  • Always copy data to a safer place that is protected from being hacked.
  • Ensure that you have a clear plan outlined in case of a cyber incident and one of the aspects listed in the plan is data recovery.

6. Social Engineering Awareness

  • This is because you are likely to be defrauded by individuals who will give you conditions whereby you are expected to provide them with your personal or sensitive information.
  •  Be cautious when receiving emails, phone calls or messages and first confirm whether the message is from a genuine sender.

Forcing to review the above basic principles of cybersecurity we can conclude that it substantially weakens the possibility of a person becoming a target for a cyber threat. It is worth reiterating that cybersecurity is a never-ending process & one needs to learn from these situations and change the course of action with respect to new tendencies.

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