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How to Perform Pentesting for a Secured Web Application?

Penetration testing (pen-testing), which is a vital exercise for detecting weaknesses in a web application’s defense or security posture, is performed. Specifically, Essential InfoSec is on the forefront of conducting these annual pentests, thus helping the web apps’ designers detect and remedy the risks of hackers attacks beforehand. This is how web apps become more

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75% Organizations Struggle with Recurring Cyber Attacks

In this digital world, cybersecurity is a vital concern currently for all types of organizations, whether it is a multi national or local company. Unluckily a majority of 75% of the organization are still encountering various cyber attacks which can pose a great threat to them by endangering their operations, precious data and goodwill of

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Understanding What Makes Web Applications Vulnerable

Web apps are one of the fine examples of novel technology invention that has had a great impact on our society, especially on our lives, simplifying some things and make them efficient.They also present various vulnerabilities being exposed to actors who aim to exploit loopholes and compromise security and put data of unsuspecting users in

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