75% Organizations Struggle with Recurring Cyber Attacks

In this digital world, cybersecurity is a vital concern currently for all types of organizations, whether it is a multi national or local company. Unluckily a majority of 75% of the organization are still encountering various cyber attacks which can pose a great threat to them by endangering their operations, precious data and goodwill of the organization. We aim to dive into the barriers companies struggle with and look at the solutions to address the here and now problem.

Steering through this Cyber intimidator’s convolution

Cyber attacks might be repeated and its possibly negative impact on organization assets heads both financial means and executional operations. Enterprises are to adopt the proactive strategy in regard to cyber security to maintain their own systems’ defense and innovation in it, recognizing the challenges.

• Identify Vulnerabilities: Audit your organization’s security posture periodically to spot the vulnerable areas where cyber attackers can attack. Thereby, you will be informed and make informed decisions on how to enhance your security posture. Introduce a pragmatic approach, which involves deepening the protection of such weaknesses to prevent a new wave of attacks.

• Implement Robust Security Measures: Employ total package of security products such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems and end point protection as the backbone of defensive multipurpose mechanisms against cyber threats

• Foster a Security-Conscious Culture: Enlighten and prepare your staff on how to obtain and use good practices for cyber security. Give them the needed tools and training that will make them critical stakeholders in this process.

• Develop Incident Response Plan: Develop cyber attack response plan that identifies incident management steps like isolating the network and gathering evidence. Testing of and introducing a fresh copy of plan on regular cases will do wonders with the improvement of your organization’s resilience.

• Leverage Threat Intelligence: Inform yourself about the new modes of cyber-attacks, paths of attack and the latest trends in the industry. Make use of threat intelligence services as a means of being able to anticipate and forestall these risks that are yet to raise their ugly heads.

Navigating the Complexity of Recurring Cyber Attacks

Recurring cyber attacks alone present the organizations with a big challenge in implementing a workable solution but on the other side, proactive approach and sound strategies will enable you to overcome those threats and secure your organization for the future.

Through the use of the tactics mentioned previously you would not only be able to make your systems more resilient to attack but will also drastically reduce the time and resources needed for the company to recover from such instances.A culture where employees are well informed about cyber hygiene would make the company less susceptible to attacks.

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