5 Emerging Cyber Threats to Watch Out for in 2024

Since cyber space is a constantly changing nature, cyber criminals also make changes to their approach and skills. In a business world in which technology keeps changing at a dizzying pace, being on the cutting edge is an indispensable quality. 

Here are five emerging cyber threats to keep an eye on in the coming year:

• Deceiving Attacks using AI – Thanks to deep learning and the machine learning, it becomes much easier to make the very persuasive and undistinguishable video, audio and graphics content. Deepfakes could be used for bad-mouthing people as well as spreading disinformation, blackmailing and any other evil acts.

• Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities – When more and more data and applications are moving to cloud computing environment, security will come first because of high risk of data attack. Vulnerabilities such as insecure APIs, incorrect configurations and cloud computing sharing are threat entry points.

• IoT Compromising – A huge number of internet-connected devices including smart home systems offer the hackers the most shaggy chances to penetrate the systems through such slips. Weak default settings have become one of the common deficiencies that we typically encounter.

• Cryptojacking Increase – The malware generated due to mining of crypto currency discreetly uses computer resources and hence crypto currency is mined. The successful attackers will continue refining techniques that evade conventional countermeasures into something more viable for the future.

• AI-Fueled Cyber Attacks – The Advent of AI provides cyber hackers with an automated toolset (systems) such as reconnaissance, exploit generation, password cracking, and the coordination of multi-vector attacks (attacks with many fronts) will evolve over time and develop to such sophistication

Emerging ones have to be addressed proactively by a defense-in-depth technique involving the use of strong access controls, encryption, patching, detection, incident response response planning, user training, and awareness.

Trying to cut corners or dismissing the power of fierce enemies can sound quite expensive. Organizations should never waive from is cyber security supremacy and the emerging risks on the cyberspaceworld must be taken with utmost vigilance.

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