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Virtualization Solutions

At Essential InfoSec, we cater virtualization services that tend to be cost-effective, secure, and reliable in comparison with the on-site systems when catering the very same line of services.

Virtualization is deemed as the process that creates a mirrored virtual version for the computer or server system being used in the software as opposed to hardware. It allows multiple OS to operate simultaneously over single machine.
With our virtualization solutions, Essential InfoSec aims to centralize the administrative tasks with reduction of hardware costs, with improved workloads or scalability. Our efforts of virtualization are completely based upon the partitioning concept wherein, one physical server can be divided into several logical servers. This in turn helps run the OS & applications in an independent manner.
At Essential InfoSec, we cater virtualization services that tend to be cost-effective, secure, and reliable in comparison with the on-site systems when catering the very same line of services.

Our Virtualization Solutions Consist of:

  • Application Virtualization: In this aspect of our services, the applications are virtualized and streamed from the server, all the way to end user via his/her device.
  • Desktop Virtualization: At Essential InfoSec, we separate the computer desktop environment and the physical environment of a computer. Our team uses this protocol in data centres where the personalized images from desktop for every user is hosted via data centre servers.
  • Hardware Virtualization: Our team creates a virtual version of the OS (Operating Systems) and computers. We aim to run varying operating systems upon the very same hardware. This allows more than just one user to make use of this processor in a simultaneous manner.
  • Network Virtualization: We also use the method of combination of all available resources within the network by segregating the available bandwidth in the form of independent channels. Each of these can easily be assigned as well as reassigned to particular servers or devices in the real time.
  • OS (Operating System) Virtualization: At Essential InfoSec, we allow the organizations to run on single serve which facilitates operation of multiple operating systems instead of planning multiple dedicated network servers.
  • Server Virtualization: In this method, we partition a physical server and turn it into multiple virtual servers. Now, each of these servers runs its very own OS, functions, as well as applications in the form of independent servers.
  • Storage Virtualization: In this process rendered by Essential InfoSec, we group together physical storage acquired from several network storage platforms to ensure that it operates as one single storage device.

Why Use Our Virtualization Solutions?
Essential InfoSec offers a customized range of IT virtualization solutions that tend to be in perfect sync in terms of business requirements for the customers. Our overall domain expertise helps the clients in deriving virtualization benefits for each business application that is critical to the mission.

  • Improved Agility: Essential InfoSec services enable are designed to enable the enhanced and sped up virtualization of the critical applications in the business. This is in addition to the improved performance and storage.
  • Based Productivity: We are completely focused on simplification of the storage management as well as hardware consolidation of the business to ensure highest productivity acquisition.
  • Advanced Optimization of Resources: Essential InfoSec is dedicated to ensure optimized levels of optimization for resources in combination with available resources. This helps segregate the existing bandwidth into various independent channels.
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Support: Our foolproof disaster and backup recovery plan is known to ensure proper storage and management support for critical variant of customer data.