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Cloud Security

Essential InfoSec is a globally acclaimed security consulting organization that has helped corporations deal with any form of security issues.

At Essential InfoSec, we believe that collaboration is the key to unlock various processes that improve business value while addressing the complex concerns of cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Microsoft Azure. Our team works closely with the clients to concoct a holistic security process with tech solutions that satisfy the industry requirements while achieving the business goals.
Moving your company’s critical data, infrastructure, and workload assets to the cloud services caters you with an unprecedented enhancement of efficiency, costs, as well as performance. Unfortunately, every good thing comes with associated vulnerabilities, security breaches, and increased complexities. Even though most cloud services promise access to built-in security, high-profile breaches cloud lead to loss of significant and crucial data.
Essential InfoSec strives to go deep into your system and locate any issue that might ail the entire system.

Our Specific Line of Cloud Security Services Include:

  • Security Strategy & Risk Services: At Essential InfoSec, we help the clients assess the security and risk tolerance while determining which level of security deems right for their cloud ambitions. We also help design best term for highest security level with progressive cloud ambitions.
  • Identity & Access Management: Our team of expert engineers implement processes & tools that help streamline and centralize access to enterprise and cloud services & applications.
  • Infrastructure and Application Security: Our solutions for infrastructure and application security start with implementation of foundation security across extended enterprises & cloud ecosystem. Not just that, our cloud security solutions aid the clients in development, designing, and deployment of secure applications based on cloud services.
  • Active Defence/Data Protection: Our solutions for data protection determines that the right kind of data is migrated, thus providing balance & protective measures for proper growth of the company and its services.

Why Hire Essential InfoSec for Cloud Security Services?

  • Comprehensive Analytics and Monitoring: We can continually monitor the complex cloud networks while incorporating 100s of secure network locations and analyzing the key data from 4 key channels.
  • Protection Against Outside and Inside Threats: Essential InfoSec understands that a majority of the cloud-based threats tend to be internal in nature. We protect the cloud services against all variants of threats both inside as well as outside.
  • Acceleration-Detection, Remediation, and Response: With Essential InfoSec’s Cloud Security Services, clients can easily bring down their detection as well as remediation time by more than 85 percent.
  • Cost-Effective Protection: Our team caters a comprehensive next-gen security solution at a price tag which is the fraction of what an in-house team renders.

End-to-End Security Solutions for Cloud Services
We develop a hybrid security solution for IT firms that make use of cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Microsoft Azure. Essential InfoSec monitors your cloud deployment services over various platforms while ensuring security consulting, configuration management, security monitoring, endpoint security, vulnerability management, incident response, as well as security testing.

  • Cloud Security Consulting: We dispatch expert advice for your strategies, architecture, program, as well as complex obligations for regulatory compliances.
  • Cloud Security Monitoring: With Essential InfoSec, you get a team that monitors your cloud-environment on a 24X7 basis to guard your critical assets.
  • Cloud Vulnerability Management: We seek use of our team for vulnerability management to scan the cloud applications, devices, as well as APIs.
  • Cloud Endpoint Security: We deploy the best methods to cater cloud-based services with enhanced visibility and detection of threats.
  • Cloud Incident Response:Our team works with you and helps you get ready for any issues in the future.