Understanding Root Cause Analysis in Cyber Security

Nowadays, cyber security is one of the major issues which is everywhere. It is not just the cases that hackers can do easily to get access to the system, but why and how they do it is much more important. Root cause analysis is a systematic technique proposed for providing the profound basis of the security breach or incident. Now, we will talk about what RCA is and why it can play such a huge role.

What is RCA?

It is a data-driven approach to problem-solving that combines the mental models and systems thinking approach of Dr. Deming with the structured process of other disciplines.

Identifying the Problem:

RCA begins with the incident identification about what exactly the grievance is and the system or network where this complaint has taken place.

Digging Deeper:

That is digging deeper down to detect the secret reason by looking beyond its surface-level symptoms.

Asking Why:

RCA involves getting to the bottom of a problem by asking the questions “why” at least a few times to find the origin.

Analysing Data: 

The machine lets the experts work on data rather than the log, network traffic and other most relevant information and put down the story of the events.

Finding Solutions:

Having the root cause lies down permits the formulation of the essential solution that eliminates the cause itself rather than surface symptoms. Therefore, it is able to prevent similar cases altogether.

Cyber security strategies without a fundamental understanding of the causes of cyber-attacks are imperfect.


Identifying the fundamental essence of a security breach helps businesses to direct their prevention efforts precisely, thus shunning the possible repetition of such cases.


RCA is responsible for directing measures, which define the problem of recurrence by minimising the need to only resolve the symptoms of the issue but to deal with the problem.

Continuous Improvement: 

It promotes consistent improvement and advanced learning of organisation cybersecurity production which leads to a well-refined security quality.

Risk Mitigation:

One of the key preventive measures that the programs aim to implement is the identification and mitigation of risks, which inhibit the probability and seriousness of future security problems.


Conducting RCA for incident response is one of the requirements that you must comply with or you will be faced with legal and industry-related consequences.

Cause analysis through reflection is the strongest component in the cyber safety supplies as it helps in determining, minimising and mitigating.

Prevent security incidents effectively. Agencies are enabled to improve their defences and develop the security system through the identification and investigation of the threats  deeper. In this way, they deal with a variety of cyber security issues.

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