Securing Your Online Accounts using Two-Step Verification

Nowadays, just using passwords to lock down your online accounts is not enough. Passwords alone can easily be hacked, tricked out of you or leaked even long, complex ones. That’s why turning on two-step verification is really important for properly protecting your digital information and accounts.

What is 2FA?

  2FA,also known as Two-step verification, adds an extra step to confirm who you are when logging into accounts online. It requires two proofs instead of just a password:

1. A password only you know.  

2. One other way to verify you such as:

  •  Entering a code texted to your mobile number 
  • Putting in a time-based code from an app
  • Scanning your fingerprint or face on your phone  

With two-step on, someone needs both your password  and your phone to log in successfully.  

Why Use Two-Step Verify?

Two-step verification gives major security benefits:

  • Stop account access even if your password gets leaked since the second step is still needed. 
  • Protects against criminals using passwords from old data breaches.
  • Alerts you about suspicious login tries from devices you don’t recognize.
  • Limits harm if you reuse the same password on different sites.

Top online services now turn on two-step by default for users. You should make 2FA mandatory for all your important accounts.

Getting Started with 2FA:

Turning on two-step verification is quick and easy for most apps and websites nowadays. Check your account’s security settings for “two-step” or “2FA”. Follow the instructions to connect your mobile device and download an authenticator app like Google Authenticator.
Take this small but important move to massively boost your cyber defences now!

Contact Essential Infosec for guidance on rolling out two-step verification across your organisation in a secure manner.

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