Key Elements of effective cyber security training Program

A comprehensive vulnerability management program involves several key components.

• Vulnerability Scans & Assessment One of the critical security practices is vulnerability scanning and assessment.

• Categorizing the aforementioned gaps according to their relative risk and addressing them in this order

• As an overarching strategy, there must be a constant vigil as well as changing with the times when it comes to threats.

Ethical Security Testing

Controlled security testing, conducted by qualified professionals within legal and ethical boundaries, can provide valuable insights:

• To achieve this study, the following areas as the potential entry points and the attack vectors are presented.

• Assess the present controls to determine whether they provide sufficient security to the system.

• Identify areas where protection has been inadequate or where counter- measures have been insufficient

Essential InfoSec Mindset

Adopting a proactive, security-focused mindset is essential for organizations of all sizes:

• Encourage the culture of cybersecurity awareness and proactive reporting of suspected threats

• Minimize risks by applying appropriate security measures to ensure integrity of data and proper access controls

• Since 2006 ISO 27001 has been implemented in Aviva and to succeed the its goal combined with improving the security policies and procedures the organization should regularly review and update both the Security Management System and the security policies and the procedures.

Through increased awareness and adoption of vulnerability management and security testing, organizations can prepare adequately for their security threats and address any vulnerabilities which might threaten their cyber security.

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