AI to the Rescue: How AI Will Strengthen Cyber Security

As AI keeps getting smarter, it can be used in all types of industries. One area it will really impact is cyber security.

AI could greatly change how we handle digital safety and security threats. With more and more cyberattacks from hackers, current security systems often fail to keep up. AI can enable real-time protection that stops attacks before damage is done. By spotting patterns and unusual activity, AI tools can detect emerging risks automatically at high speeds.  

As one tech leader said, “AI is the solution we need against cybercriminals.”Humans alone cannot defend against sophisticated attacks. AI gives us an advantage we must have. 90% of cyber security companies plan to use AI to fight back against phishing scams, computer viruses and other digital exploits that businesses face. From early alerts to instant responses, AI cyber security promises to transform the game.

Top cyber firms already use AI successfully. For example, DarkTrace uses models that mimic the human immune system to identify subtle intrusions across IT infrastructure. Cylance uses machine learning to block over 99% of malware and analyse millions of files per second. Large security companies will buy out startups with leading AI capabilities while many new AI cyber security companies will emerge.  

As internet-connected devices spread everywhere, the opportunities for hackers grow. Business heads know they must upgrade defences rapidly. Self-learning AI systems have the flexible power to counter unpredictable dangers. By baking AI into monitoring, access controls and logins in the global cyber security industry expects to grow to $400 billion by 2027.

However, AI-powered cyber security also brings some risks. With computers automatically fighting threats, security teams could lose transparency and oversight. There are also ethical issues around privacy violations that require governance. But most experts agree AI’s huge advantages outweigh the concerns. As cloud security firm Lacework says, “AI and automation represent the future of cyber security.”  

With hackers constantly attacking networks, people cannot react fast enough. 90% of cyber security leaders believe AI needs to take on more responsibility to harden the industry against threats this year and onwards. The age of smart machines protecting against digital villains is here. As AI progresses, the playbook for cyber security cat-and-mouse contests will transform.  

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