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WebApp Penetration Testing

At Essential InfoSec, we are the testament to the best and top-ranking WebApp penetration testing course.

Web Applications tend to play a critical role in most modern organizations. However, if the organization doesn’t test & secure the web apps in a proper way, several adversaries can lead to a compromised system for the applications. Further, it can damage the business functionalities & steal the data. Unfortunately, most of the organizations function under a mistaken thought process that their web application’s security scanner might reliably discover the flaws hidden in the system.

At Essential InfoSec, we are the testament to the best and top-ranking WebApp penetration testing course. With this course, the you will get to understand the critical flaws in web applications along with a chance to learn the pathway that might lead to their exploitation. We train the industry experts and security professionals to get a hold over WebApp penetration via field-testing & repeatable processes that help consistently locate the flaws in the web application.

The prime goal of our WebApp Penetration Testing process is to help the organizations secure themselves in a better way. The course has been designed to showcase the in-depth impact of flaws in the web applications via exploitation.

What you will learn during training?
With our expert training course, developers will learn various aspects of web app penetration testing such as interception proxies, SQL injection, Blind SQL injection, Stored Cross-Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion, Cross-Site Request Forgery, and many more.

With our training protocol,the developers will learn to:

  • Apply the repeatable methodologies and deliver the high-value results for penetration testing
  • Ways to discover & exploit the key flaws in your web application
  • Explain the overall impact from the vulnerabilities in the web application
  • Recognize the significance of the web application and its security to obtain proper security posture
  • Learn the best ways to wield the critical elements of the web applications & the attack tools in an efficient mannerism