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ECSA-Security Analyst

Our ECSA course is comprised of a complete hands-on program that is backed by real-world application scenarios.

With Essential InfoSec’s ECSA-Security Analyst course, you get access to seamless learning protocol. Unlike other penetration testing programs which tends to follow the generic methodology of kill chain, our ECSA training module presents the best set of comprehensive and distinguishable methodologies that help cover various requisites for penetration testing across multiple verticals.

Our ECSA course is comprised of a complete hands-on program that is backed by real-world application scenarios. By practicing all the skills provided to the trainees during the security analysis classes, you can essentially uncover any security threats that any organization is vulnerable to.

Our well-guided step-by-step methods include exercises that cater supporting tools, detailed tasks, as well as add-on materials that help you decode any forms of testing or hacking of the given space.

Who can benefit from the ECSA Security Analyst Training Certification?
Our courses have been designed to benefit everyone from penetration testers to ethical hackers and many more. Our certified courses can help individuals such as firewall administrators, network-server administrators, security testers, risk assessment professional, as well as system administrators.

At Essential InfoSec, our ECSA penetration testing program decodes the techniques and tools learned during the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) Course. We help you enhance your existing abilities and apply them in real world. Our ECSA penetration testing methodologies put emphasis on the hands-on training and learning experience.

Our course helps you learn various ways to:

  • Apply the hacking skills for the penetration testing scenario
  • Document & write reports for penetration testing
  • Test the operating systems, modern infrastructures, & application environments

What you will get?

  • weekends and weekdays training
  • classroom and online training
  • 3 years membership
  • 90% practical and 10% theoretical
  • 500 GB toolkit
  • Practical lab online and offline
  • EBooks
  • Extra classes/backup classes
  • Certification
  • Guaranteed Placement