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One comprehensive data protection platform, no intermediate hardware or software required.

We help companies to control their data, at any place, any time.

  • We Secure Emails: End-to-end email encryption with unique data protection features.
  • We Secure Documents: Protect documents throughout their journey.
  • We provide secure collaboration: Keep your shared data under your control.

Why choose?

  • One comprehensive data protection platform, no intermediate hardware or software required.
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach to data security, add value and increase your data security.
  • Quality product, unrivalled customer and technical support.
  • We  have  SLAs,  support  contracts  and  excellent  response  times  with a proven track record to help you solve your data protection challenge when needed.
  • Full set of features helps companies remain compliant. Data is controlled, referenced, timed, and fully auditable ticking boxes for GDPR and other international data requirements.


  • Complete end-to-end security: Complete end-to-end security for emails and documents, in transit and in store. Once this data is secured at the source device (machine or mobile), the data is restored only at the destination or the recipient’s device. No intermediate server or software is needed. No backdoors exist! It does not store any passwords in any form.
  • Support for corporates & individuals:The only system in the market that supports both corporate and individual account types with seamless integration.
  • Data-centric solution: This solution protects the data itself so that you can secure and control your data wherever it travels: any data, any place and any time.
  • No Limit on File Size: Sending files via our web portal means you no longer are restrained by file size or type.
  • Quick deployment & easy operation: Takes minutes to deploy within a corporate environment and with a click of a button, anyone can easily protect data. It works transparently in the background to relieve the organization and user of any key management complexities.
  • Multi-platform support: This solution  integrates easily with existing email clients, providing one-click security for end-users to share information securely straight from Outlook, iOS, Android and Windows. Equally effective on all platforms and devices.
  • Single identity: Each user has a single unique identity that works across multiple devices and clients. Allowing you to manage all your email addresses under one umbrella.
  • Encryption standards: This solution uses AES FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption security modules which is the US government standard that defines a minimum set of the security requirements for products that implement cryptography. It is designed for cryptographic modules that are used to secure sensitive information. The system uses 2048-bit RSA Keys as a standard and the chipers can be substituted if required.
  • Automated invitations: This solution has an innovative and simple invitation module allowing any user to invite their customers or friends to use it free of cost. Any device can be used to send secure emails or document to new recipients making the invitation process efficient and simple.
  • Flexible solutions: This solution works in all environments: on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions exist so that you can continue to work as you choose.
  • Mobile and web access: No need to install any client.
  • Administrative granular control: This solution provides a perfect solution for administrators to manage their keys and control their data.
  • Secure share with No limit on file size: Securely share files quickly and efficiently with multiple users simultaneously. Secure documents, any type and any size.
  • Revoke emails: Mail Revocation is the ability to revoke access to secured emails that have been sent. If an email is sent in error or to the incorrect recipient (for example) the user is able to revoke access to that email making it inaccessible to the recipient.
  • Digital email signing: This is an anti-spoof feature that ensures data integrity and non-repudiation. A digitally signed email provides the assurance that the data has not been tampered with. Furthermore, the recipient knows exactly where the email has come from.
  • Set emails to time-out: Mail time-out allows users to implement time limits for accessibility to the secured emails. Once the time lapses, the email becomes inaccessible. Helping to enforce retention policies that are important for data protection compliance (like the GDPR).
  • Secure collaboration: Collaborate securely via a centralized and managed data protection platform. Fence your data, control data flow and manage access to it.
  • Geofence: Confine your data to an area of choice using a virtual perimeter. Keep data within a network, a local area, a cloud of choice or geographic location of choice. Your data is always available and access properly managed.
  • Policy management: Set rules and policies to protect your data and meet specific compliance requirements.
  • GDPR ready: Secure personally and commercially sensitive data with it GDPR specific functions, whilst staying in control of your data.