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Vulnerability Assessment

With years of expertise & experience in security assessment, we house the best in-house tools to secure the scanning of activities while examining the security weaknesses present in the deepest sections of the IT infrastructure.

Since attackers tend to discover fresh new ways of locating and exploiting the vulnerabilities of corporate networks and applications, we dedicate our services to assess such issues before they harm the foundation of a corporate firm.

With years of expertise & experience in security assessment, we house the best in-house tools to secure the scanning of activities while examining the security weaknesses present in the deepest sections of the IT infrastructure. Our testing and security assessment team cook up the best solutions to help with better and unaltered business programs.

IT Environment Elements We Assess

Essential InfoSec’s security assessment services imply the allocation of high-quality solutions at reasonable prices. The qualifications held by our team for information security allows for the detection of vulnerabilities & location of weak points for given components of the present IT environment:

  • IT Infrastructure:
    • Network: Our team assesses the efficiency for the network segmentation, access restriction, remote connection, as well as firewall implementation.
    • Email Services: We also evaluate any instances and susceptibility to the phishing and spamming attacks
    • Server & Client: Our vulnerability assessement solutions are compiled with testing summaries that stand fit for the server & client with quaint understanding of IT basics.
  • Applications:
    • Web Applications: At Essential InfoSec, we assess all the susceptibilities of the web apps that are vulnerable to multiple variants of attacks.
    • Mobile Applications: We also evaluate overall security level for the mobile application with adherence to the latest technological requirements.
    • Desktop Applications: We assess the way data is a company’s data is preserved in any application. Our services also include assessment of information transfer and authentication requirements.
Our Assessment Methods are inclusive of

Our testing and assessment team combines the manual and automated approaches to acquire complete advantage of processes listed under vulnerability assessment.

  • Automated Scanning:

Our vulnerability assessment operations start with automated scanning of the complete infrastructure that depends upon the customer’s requirements, needs, as well as entire budget. This automated scanning process houses databases that contain well-known technological vulnerabilities. Our processes also allow the detection of the company’s overall susceptibilities.

  • Manual Assessment:

At Essential InfoSec, we understand that automated assessment isn’t the only line of action when working necessities for vulnerability assessment. We also ensure a subsequent validation process that is rendered in a manual form to eliminate any false positive. Completion of the manual assessment ensured by our expert specialists helps you obtain reliable results.

Our Service Highlights

Vulnerability assessment helps your company with:

  • Identification of security issues prior to being exploited;
  • Improved productivity with reduced application downtime;
  • Assurance of on-time security before product release;
  • Protection of the confidentiality and integrity of enterprise data that is sensitive.
Our Typical Workflow

  • Planning:

We work with our customers to clearly document and define the assessment objectives, scope, as well as engagement rules.

  • Gathering Information:

Next, we collect and examine the key informatics about any application as well as its infrastructure.

  • Discovering Vulnerabilities:

We use our manual and automated techniques for confirmation of existing vulnerabilities.

  • Reporting:

We provide a well-enunciated and comprehensive report for deep analysis & recommendations for mitigation of the located vulnerabilities.

  • Remediation:

 We also adhere to our client requests for patched vulnerabilities. We also ensure that changes have been implemented in a proper way with risks eliminated. We help a web application reflect the secure status

Why use our Vulnerability Assessment Solutions?
To ensure continued security from hacking attacks, we house the best strategies for vulnerability assessment.
Our vulnerability assessment protocol can be viewed as underlined in these key steps:

  • Well-outlines policies for vulnerability management
  • Discover the existing vulnerabilities
  • Our testing techniques are in adherence with the industry standards like OWASP and SANS
  • Analysis of ranking and safety vulnerabilities with cutting-edge strategies with use of remediation actions
  • Mitigation of root cause for vulnerabilities
  • Maintenance of safety via vulnerability discovery and periodic testing