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IT Infrastructure Support & Maintenance

At Essential InfoSec, our range of IT infrastructure maintenance and support services includes data recovery & backup, server/storage monitoring, business continuity, and management services.

Essential InfoSec is your key to complete IT infrastructure support & maintenance. Our services act as the key to better business growth and support in future. We change as per the requirements for IT industry with expansions and upgrades. Whether it is a complex or simple maintenance requirement, Essential InfoSec is always there with you. Our IT infrastructure maintenance and support strategies are aligned with the current business strategies.
Our top-notch outsourcing solutions for IT management remove any pressure for accountability. Plus, we bring you a promise of assured performance that comes with predictable management costs for any defined area of the complete IT infrastructure.
At Essential InfoSec, our range of IT infrastructure maintenance and support services includes data recovery & backup, server/storage monitoring, business continuity, and management services. We also heed to your requirements for security management, application management, email management, database monitoring, as well as managed services for network security.

Our Service Portfolio Includes:

  • Messaging and System Management
  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Storage and Backup Management
  • Security Management
  • IT Service Desk
  • Platform Migration
  • Database Management

Essential InfoSec’s IT Infrastructure Support & Maintenance Services

  • Desktop Support: At Essential InfoSec, we cater end-user support which is both functional and technical. Our service range is inclusive of configuring, installing, maintaining, and monitoring of the user’s overall computing environment. Our services are the best for IT infrastructure’s asset management. We provide Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 support catered for client, staff, and administration.
  • Network Management Support: With years of experience and expertise, we have mastered the skills for installation and maintenance for network equipments. We also dispatch our services for network monitoring along with incident management. Essential InfoSec’s services are also inclusive of troubleshooting tactics for any infrastructure error recognition.
  • Data Center Services: Our services for data center infrastructure maintenance include configuration, installation, monitoring, & maintenance of the server infrastructure. We also cater our services for infrastructure virtualization services, storage management, data migration, as well as consolidation services.
  • Cloud Application Maintenance: At Essential InfoSec, we dedicate our practice for IT infrastructure support and maintenance for corrective maintenance, software enhancements via automation, storage/backup services, bug fixing, release management, and platform upgrades.
    Apart from these services, we also cater our experience for IT System Migration keeping in mind crucial features such as platform migration and legacy application. We also handle elements such as re-engineering of multiple processes with use of AutomationRoutine Maintenance, IT Sunsetting, System Planning & Implementation.

Why Essential InfoSec’s IT infrastructure support and maintenance Services?

  • 24/7 Help Desk Management: Our engineers and developers provide help for IT infrastructure via services that enable management and creation of remote and onsite help desk-based infrastructures. We associate you with single contact point to avoid any confusion with regards to technical problems, requests, services, and similar IT inquiries.
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Services: Our streamlined services for custom enterprise management keeps in mind the day-to-day need for user management, security protocols, access management, and similar enterprise services for IT infrastructure. We also cater our services for performance of multiple database services like data backup/recovery, large-scale migrations for data, server configuration, & network admin tasks.
  • Network Infrastructure Support: We also perform network infrastructure-based services which include architecture planning, network design, network audits, as well as ongoing support provided for specific areas such as TCP/IP setup, Storage Area Networks (SAN), VPN (Virtual Private Networks), LAN/WAN, & Media Integrations. Similarly, we also provide services for network administration & troubleshooting for network devices such as gateways, firewalls, and routers.
  • SMB Services: We create & maintain the IT infrastructure for small/midsize businesses (SMB). We cater end-t0-end communication for IT architecture that is built upon reliable technology-based platforms like live meetings, e-mail messaging, real-time communication, data sharing, etc. Our services for unified messaging, Intranet/Extranet communication, document sharing, & video conferencing is your way to communicate without any glitches in the system for infrastructure maintenance in terms of IT requirement.