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Essential InfoSec is a globally acclaimed security consulting organization that has helped corporations deal with any form of security issues.

Essential InfoSec’s experience and knowledge on HIPAA solely revolve around the importance of incorporating and understanding the requirements of regulatory compliance infrastructure and an existing strategy of an organization.
The government sector agencies, as well as the entities from the commercial sector, have received various HIPAA benefits from Essential InfoSec in forms of analysis, research, and program support on the rules of HIPAA, since the HIPAA Security Rules and Privacy have been drafted from the very initial stage.

Our company also deals in developing project tracking tools that help in the Department of Defense Military Health System, initiating briefs for privacy research, education programs, and we conduct FEHBP (Federal Employee Health Benefits Program) for the Office of Personnel Management. We also work for hundreds of health care organizations in the private sector by assessing, developing, and managing their security compliance and privacy-related programs.

Our Process for HIPAA Compliance

At Essential InfoSec we aim to simplify the HIPAA compliance with our testing services as our applications process all the patient data to check for the vulnerabilities and flaws as well. At Essential InfoSec we can demonstrate HIPAA compliance with the following Security Rules:

  • Integrity: The integrity of patient data can be skillfully demonstrated at Essential Infosec by assessing the information and making sure that it is free of any forms of vulnerabilities.
  • Risk Analysis: The information related to health is scanned through various applications at Essential InfoSec to assess any forms of risks pertaining to the data.
  • Risk Management: By making use of the applications at Essential InfoSec, various organizations can improve HIPAA compliance with world-class practices and superior-quality security services to manage the risk related security programs.
  • Malicious Software Protection: At Essential InfoSec we have a technology system consisting of static binary analysis facilities that can be helpful in demonstrating HIPAA compliance, which will certainly prove that the software is free of any forms of backdoors or malicious codes.
  • Authentication: Essential InfoSec aims to verify information such as session identifiers to prove that they are free of any forms of attacks related to authentication.
  • Security Transmission services: You can also get proof at Essential InfoSec, which will assure you that the applications are loaded with end-to-end encryption services and are free to be used for communication that is web-based.

What is Total HIPAA?
What the total HIPAA compliance will consist of entirely depends on the nature of your business; whether it is a Business Associate, Covered Entity, or a subcontractor. The large medical facilities that maintain, share, or use PHI will be subject to some of the regulatory Acts of Legislation. To be compliant with HIPAA the organizations may need to follow all or most of the rules listed under the Legislation Act. Therefore, there is no one particular package that will fit all the HIPAA compliance solutions.

Why Essential InfoSec for HIPAA Compliance?
Essential InfoSec will help you identify the weak points of your network and conduct a thorough assessment for configurations, controls, and vulnerabilities. We also help you in prioritizing the risks for remediation that is completely based on business impact and threat exposure. We try to use applications that automatically comply with the security configurations, access control requirements and password policies as well.

We allow you to check the effectiveness of the security controls that simulate the attacks of the real-world to evaluate the effectiveness of the security measures taken, which will be used up in the process of protection and against the defenses as well.