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At Essential InfoSec, we give start to finish information and security consistency to associations throughout all business segments.

The General Data Protection Regulation which was authorized on the 25th of May 2018, replaced the Data Protection Directive of 1995. The point of the new guideline is to upgrade and bind together information assurance for all the people working in this particular field.

The guideline applies to:

  • Any association that gathers and controls individual information
  • Any association that produces information for the benefit of another association

The monetary ramifications coming about because of an inability to consent are huge; that refers to a fine resulting in Millions of Dollars or some percentage of the association’s worldwide turnover. Also, effective readiness to move toward becoming GDPR Compliance must start at CEO and Board level and include a contribution from numerous offices inside any association.
At Essential InfoSec, we give start to finish information and security consistency to associations throughout all business segments. Additionally, we have joined the mastery of pro information protection and GDPR consistence advisors, attorneys, IT security specialists and operational experts to guarantee you are agreeable with no operational disturbances.

GDPR consulting services which our company provides are:

  • Privacy strategy
  • GDPR Compliance Services & Assessment
  • Contract & Policy Solutions
  • DSAR Support
  • CCPA
  • Outsourced DPO
  • EU Representative
  • DPO Support

Our Process for GDPR Compliance Services:
1- Information and Purpose Review: The Data and Purpose Review considers the information subjects and subtleties characteristics giving the premise to comprehension:

  • Lawful handling
  • Outsider (3rd party) and processors of the individual information
  • What individual information you process
  • Why and where you process individual information

2- Review notification and Remediation:

  • Age of every single required datum subjects to warnings. In a perfect world, this is upheld by the yields from the Data and Purpose Review.
  • Encourages your association to deliver its commitments to information subjects with respect to how the association is preparing their own information.
  • Contingent upon the Data and Purpose Review and the individual information recognized there might be few notifications produced to help consistence with your GDPR commitments.

3- Preparation Review: This is a program appraisal of GDRP Readiness. The GDPR Readiness Assessment Program is based on interview and covers:

  • GDPR basics for your Organization
  • A report which covers: a perspective on your own information and preparing; assets required; set of following stages which are priority based; Appendices distinguishing applicable GDPR zones.

4- Information Subject Rights Review as well as Remediation:

  • Addresses the information subject rights and how your association is required to help these
  • Gives a quickened way to deal with distinguishing way of a procedure that is set up, approves them against the applicable articles and gives the premise to remediation where required
  • Utilizations predefined layouts to help audit and build up the procedure rapidly
  • Prompts on devices, which suits the best for addressing your DSR commitments.

Why Essential InfoSec for GDPR Compliance

Hired consultants at Essential InfoSec possess expertise in their respective fields. Our channel includes highly qualified business/operational technicians or specialists, lawyers, and architects who are trained with world-class abilities. We offer a variety of packages which will cater to your needs and fulfill all the demands to promote your business. The GDPR compliance services included in our packages are:

  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • GDPR Readiness reviews
  • Notifications Reviews
  • Awareness Briefings
  • Certified Training
  • Personal Data Audit
  • Policy Reviews
  • Rights Workflow

Come and join hands with Essential InfoSec to receive high-quality GDPR Compliance Services.