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Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking :- First we will talk about the concept of ethical hacking, what is ethical hacking, then according to the definition of hacking.hacking is a process. In which we try to identify the vulnerability or weakness of any computer or its network. If in recognition of such weekliness. When it comes, try to improve it with the help of ethical hacker.

If you analyze any computer industry. then you must have seen that to run any business, many computers have to be helped. So that the person running the business. He does not face any problem in communication and has to do a computer.Because all computers are connected to the single network, whenever a computer is hacked. Important information can be stolen from that computer. Such as credit card details, bank account details etc.

Who ever steals all this. It does it for its own profit. we call that person a hacker.The company is stuck in hacker trap. If they lose millions, then such companies need an hacker so that they can save or hide the details of the company with the help of their ethical hacker. Many companies take the help of ethical hacker by getting inspiration from such companies. So that their companies’ data remains secure and no one else


Ethical hacking

There is not much dissimilarity between an ethical hacker and a hacker. Ethical hackers try to paintresting a system like a hacker to find flaws in it. The difference is that an ethical hacking does all this with the grant of Plan. While it is common hacker do without any grant. When an ethical hacking gets a bruise. First he tells his client. Regarding the flaws, they also display ways to improve them. This difference makes ethical hacking legal and common types of hacking are illegal.

Hacking types

There are three category of hacking.

1 White hat hacking which is one more name is ethical hacking.

2 Black hat hacking  is a hacking who catch valunerbility in a computer and exploit that for their personal revenue.

3 Grey hat hacking is a mix of white hat hacking and black hat hacking and they also called ethical hacking. These hacking are end our work with the support of ethical hacking without telling the client and then whatever the flaw is, they describe and the gray hat hackers specialize for the bug bounty.

Bug bounty

When a big company like Google and Facebook rewards people for finding bugs on their system.At that time, hackers’ money is called bug bounty.

Ethical hackers goal

Here are three goals for Ethical hackers

1:- Ethical hackers have to protect their client company data. From black hat hackers.

2:- their coustomer required details reports of vulnurability provided by ethical hackers. He has to tell in the report what he has found the Weekness. He will also have to give the recommendation to how to patch the vulnerability.

3:-Ethical hackers also have to tell the vendors of the client. vulnerability was found in their hardware and software. When these vendors go back to deliver their hardware product to their client, then there is no flaw in it.



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