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Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi

Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi

Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi Will Prepares You For Advanced To High-level Processes. That Programmers Actually Use, For Example, Creating Virus Codes, And Locating. Them, So That You Can Easily Shield Corporate Foundations From Information Breaks.  You, Will, Dominate The Network Bundle Exam By Progressing To Web Servers. Malware Threats And Reverse Engineering Advanced System Penetration Testing Techniques To Increase Your Organization’s Security Limits. And Defeat Programmers Unexpectedly.

Ethical Hacking Course Key Features

  • Ethical Hacking Exam fees excluded
  • 60 hours of Applied Learning
  • An accredited training partner of EC-Council
  • 3 months lab access on EIS campus
  • Study material by EC-Council
  • Placement assistant 1 year free

Course Content

1-Foundation of Ethical Hacking
2- Footprinting and Reconnaissance
3- Scanning Networks
4- Enumeration
5- Vulnerability Analysis
6- System Hacking
7- Malware Threats
8- Sniffing
9- Social Engineering
10- Denial-of-Service
11- Session Hijacking
12- Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honey pots
13- Hacking Web Servers
14- Hacking Web Applications
15- SQL Injection
16- Hacking Wireless Networks
17- Hacking Mobile Platforms
18- IoT Hacking
19- Cloud Computing
20- Cryptography


Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi is for network security officers, site administrators, IS/IT specialists, and analysts. IS/IT auditors, IT operations managers, IT security officers, network specialists, technical support engineers, and many more. Like senior systems engineers also systems analysts.


This Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi confirms the mastery required to succeed in the information security domain. Numerous IT offices have made CEH mandatory for security-related posts. CEH certified professional’s experts acquire 46-percent more significant compensations than non-guaranteed experts.

Ethical Hacking Job Overview With Salary

ethical hacking salary overview.

Training option

  • Ethical hacking training takes place in both online and offline modes.
  • Ethical Hacking Training Available in 2 batches in a week.
  • Weekdays for 5 days a week Monday to Friday.
  • Weekend for 2 days a Week Saturday to Sunday.
  • 24X7 Assistant Support

Ethical Hacking Fee Details Online & Offline Mode.

CEH V11 Online fee: – 34,999

CEH V11 Offline fee: – 44,999

Facilities in Labs

  • Virtual Machines
  • High Internet Speed
  • Tools provided
  • Vulnerable Machines
  • Real-Life Scenario
  • Flexible Timing

Essential InfoSec Ethical Hacking Training Certificate

Ethical Hacking Certification

Tools that are used in training.

All these tools are used inside this Ethical Hacking Training Course given below.

Ethical Hacking Tools image overview

Ethical Hacking Training FAQs

Course Objective Of Ethical Hacking:- Essential Info Sec CEH v11 Certified Ethical Hacker preparing in Delhi gives live study class preparing to help you ace the very methods that programmers use to infiltrate network frameworks and influence them morally to secure your own foundation. The broad course centers around 20 of the most well-known security areas to give a useful way to deal with fundamental security frameworks.


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