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About Us

Essential InfoSec’s full-fledged & well-established services help you pilot you business in the right direction with metrics-driven strategies that exceed the customer SLAs.

Essential InfoSec’s full-fledged & well-established services help you pilot you business in the right direction with metrics-driven strategies that exceed the customer SLAs.

Essential InfoSec is your go-to IT and Cybersecurity solutions consultancy for deployment of latest solutions and security protocols for existing infrastructure that ensures and fundamental co-existence with the existing corporate policies. Our line of services includes much more than just cyber security. We cater high quality services for requirements such as security assessment, digital assurance, IT solutions, IT compliances, and graphic designing as well.

Our aim is to cater the best automation solutions for the IT services. We ensure that critical data is safe with our cloud services. The digital assurance services by Essential InfoSec is catered by our qualified professionals ranging all the way from vendors,  testing infrastructure, to data analytics, Omnichannel assurance, and many more. With our IT compliance services, we ensure that your latest technological inclusions meet the regulatory standards set by federal law holders in your area and international level.

Our team has worked with clients throughout the globe while catering services that mitigate cybersecurity risks. We devise cybersecurity solutions that are innovative in nature. In essence, we work towards harnessing technology, procedures, and personnel that provisions a holistic form of cybersecurity and IT management approach. If you plan to get trained in security testing & awareness, we are here to help you make a career out of it.

Our consulting services for cybersecurity help protect the organizations in healthcare, financial services, education, technology, manufacturing, and many other business sectors. We work alongside the security intelligence department for development of the perfect standards for cyber and IT security services.

Our team also holds years of experience in crafting the best websites with our development services. We help you obtain a good presence over the smart phones with creatively crafted business apps. What good is a website without proper graphics in play? We even do that for you. Our services are the perfect concoction of trending graphics with SEO compliant website designs.

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Essential InfoSec is a globally acclaimed security consulting organization that has helped corporations deal with any form of security issues. Features such as Cross-Industry, Cross-Domain Expertise, Deeply embedded expertise in life cycle engagements for Information security, skilled resources that serve national & international market, and constant communication maintained with clients help us rank among the top names in the IT sector.

Proper Assessment and Protection

We help you assess and avoid the vulnerabilities of your business with security engineering as well as management services. We also cater to services such as vulnerability assessment, security compliance, and penetration testing.

Compliance Assurance

Our team ensures that each of our consultancy services rendered for your IT firm is in perfect compliance with leading defense, federal, as well as industry standards for security.

Continual Reports

We help you keep track of the progress with uninterrupted report generation for the cybersecurity consultation services.

Affordable Prices

No two companies are equal, and their requirements of security assessments vary as well. At Essential InfoSec, we ensure that our prices suit your budget without any hidden charges.

Support Consultation Deployment

We help your IT firm deploy as well as enforce the complete management framework for cybersecurity in a cost-effective method without hampering the integrity of the existing guidelines.

Automated Processes

With some of the best technology in-house, we ensure that every process is thoroughly checked and implemented with automation software.

24/7 Communication

Essential InfoSec is available for you 24/7 to ensure that you do not have any doubts about our services.

Streamlined Mapping

Our team of expert analyzers streamlines the mapping process of all your assets, controls, and vulnerabilities to enable complete and continuous compliance.

  • At Essential InfoSec, we cater experience and deep understanding with the offshore & outsourced operations. We house mature capabilities for smooth transition of our services when implemented for any company.
  • Further, our mission is to charter the ability to cater integrated offerings for our clients in both compliance and development solutions.
  • We house years of expertise and experience in handling the operations across different countries while being in the Shared Service Environment.
  • Also, our mission is to provide services that are company as well as customer-centric.
  • We house the ability to create as well as implement the processes that adhere to the local & international regulations that are set for years to come.
  • As an agile service provider, our mission is to cater scalable and reliable methodology for quality infrastructure.

Security Assessment:
At Essential InfoSec, we work to serve your business against the increasing instances of sophisticated cyber attacks. Our team provides you a checklist for services which include:

  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Risk Management & Compliance

Information Technology Solution:
In an essence, our goal is to cater customer-focused, innovative, as well as robust foundation to serve your IT requirements. Our list of IT solutions includes:

  • Fireball & Networks Solutions
  • Cloud & Virtualization Solutions
  • Server Solutions

Digital Assurance:
Our team applies digital assurance protocols with integrated strategies that assure & harness power of the digital forces. When you hire us, the services you acquire include:

  • Test Automation
  • DIGI-Test
  • Quality Engineering
  • Test Advisory & Consulting

IT compliances:
At Essential InfoSec, we deliver the best set of reliable and continual security compliance for IT sector which can successfully pass any version of auditing requirements. Our services include for IT compliances include:

  • Company compliance assessment
  • GDPR Services

Development Services:
In the world where websites are your new business portfolio, we ensure that our development services help you acquire access to the best website designs & applications. Our development services include:

  • Mobile App Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Web Designing and Development

Graphics Designing:
Our team at Essential InfoSec take care of every graphics requirement for your website. Our range of graphics designing services is inclusive of:

  • Banners
  • Brand Designing
  • Logo Development
  • PVC ID Card

If you are interested to be a part of our IT services world, you can opt for our training workshops that cater you knowledge about:

  • Security Testing/Training Workshop
  • Security Awareness Training


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